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New Vid: Friday Night Lights "The Suburbs" (Arcade Fire) [23 Aug 2012|11:57pm]

Title: "The Suburbs"

Artist: The Arcade Fire

Fandom: Friday Night Lights - Tim, Lyla, Jason - through season 2 only. Follows the threesome as they deal with the bombs falling: the accident, the betrayal, and the intrusion of tragedy into their quiet suburban lives.

Download: from my website (Pathless Space). 62 MB, mp4.

Stream: Youtube

Thanks for watching!
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Video - "Pompeii" - Alias [13 Jan 2010|10:37pm]
I just finished taking a class on video editing. One of the projects was to make a music video using any footage / music you wanted, so naturally, I made a fanvid. It's the first one I made with a really good system and the first video I've done without words in the music.


Stream at Youtube
Download from my website

Music: "Pompeii" by e s posthumus
Fandom: Alias
Theme: Sydney Bristow character study
Other Footage from: Stigmata, unknown films by Charles & Ray Eames

I learned a lot of technical stuff with this vid. It's weird how having a fast system makes you so confident with experimenting. But I still had trouble with storytelling esp. without the words. Anyway, I had started out making a video to "Nara" with all sorts of sources, but realized I wanted something more unified and cut the first draft of this in four days (including ripping footage). My fingers nearly fell off. And that draft was about twice as fast-cutting, too. Anyway, it was incredibly fun to make & I hope it's fun to watch. Will be x-posted to vidding.
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Battlestar Galactica: "The Hub" [07 Jun 2008|10:09pm]
My favorite moment of last night's insane Battlestar Galactica episode was during the destruction of the Resurrection Hub, when Helo looked into a room full of Sharon bodies and seemed to realize what he was losing. The fact that the Sharon who loves Helo and had used her Cylon-ness to access Athena's memories was the one who encouraged him to go on, not to think about it, was also interesting to me. After three years of humanity struggling not to die, the Cylons had to ask for human help to do that exact thing. Helo already thought Athena was human, will his ensuring her immortality make her more so?

I felt myself resisting the paired Laura/Bill episode structure from this week and last week at first. I mean, I love the two of them together, even enough to have made a video about them, and in my general fannish life I love when episodes focus on my favorite pairings. But for some reason I shied away from putting one relationship so much at the forefront of this particular show. (First of all, where the HELL is Starbuck lately, seriously?) But in the bigger picture, it was about leaders being human and inhuman, and about the soul of a people being reflected in the soul of its leader, as that priestess was saying.

And love is the biggest picture sometimes. People, including me, seem to want to resist that, and to place meaning in a hierarchy where life and death and battles and heroism -- the public sphere -- is far above such domestic concerns as love. But the personal and private is what makes life and death matter to us as cosncious beings.

Anyway, I'm trying to ease my way back into fandom a little bit, so hopefully this journal will come back to life somewhat. I used to very much love having people equally obsessive to discuss my favorite shows with, and I hope to have that again.
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Gossip Girl Vid: "Barbie Girl" [20 May 2008|09:33pm]
Title: Barbie Girl
Music: Aqua
Fandom: Gossip Girl
Synopsis: "Life in plastic -- it's fantastic!" Blair Waldorf character study.


High Quality wmv (48 MB)
Low Quality wmv (8 MB)
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Identity Change Announcement and New Vid [06 Jul 2007|07:06pm]

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Characters: Starbuck, Roslin, Six, Sharon, D'Anna
Music: Jewel, "Hands."
Summary: {...I won't be made useless...} A video about faith and femininity in Battlestar Galactica.

28 MB wmv
8 MB wmv

NOTE: I am vidding under a new name, ebstarr -- well, not quite new if you happened to frequent the ER section of TWoP between 2004-2005 -- from now on (and will most likely change my livejournal name soon (when I can afford the fee) because the current one refers to an inside joke with people I'm not close to anymore). I'm trying to phase out using "Kristen," but it's not my goal to like, confuse people... hence the announcement.
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Vid Announcement: Farewell to the Old Me [02 May 2007|08:20pm]
Fandom: Felicity
Artist: Dar Williams
Summary: Felicity character study. { and i used to think that things were meant to be }

HQ avi, 42 MB | LQ wmv, 10 MB | imeem
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Vid: "The Body Breaks" [03 Jun 2006|09:59am]
Title: The Body Breaks
Fandom: ER
Music: Devendra Banhart
Summary: Romano/Corday. It whispers at first, but it ends with a shout.

High Quality (avi, 35.7 MB)
Low Quality (rm, 9.5 MB)

MusingsCollapse )

Feedback and suggestions welcome. Thanks! :)
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Vid Announcement: Soul Patch (Tony Almeida, 24) [30 Apr 2006|10:38pm]
OK so I made my Tony video, finally. The entire idea was a pun on the song title (Soul) and his online nickname (Soul Patch). Only it was supposed to be a joke and then I ended up taking the actual vidding part so seriously that it turned into a real video. I'm like, insanely tired of it by now. The syncopation killed me -- I have no sense of rhythm, so figuring out where to cut was kind of torturous, and by torturous I mean Kiefer style, not the half-assed kind they do on Alias.

Right click on the picture and save :)

Fandom: 24, Tony Almeida
Music: Matchbox 20, "Soul"
Summary: {...there's always something tearing you apart...}

This is a huge file (78 MB) but I had a ton of trouble saving it to a smaller size because it's widescreen and my program didn't seem to like it. Here is a very LQ and badly-aspect-ratioed version for those who need a smaller size (17 MB). If anyone has advice please share!

A brief thought or twoCollapse )

I don't know why we don't see more 24 videos. It's sci-fi and action-y, with cool camera movements, and plenty of people love it. *shrug*

On Veronica Mars: OMFG. Logan/Veronica fannishness is returning big-time. I think he's a jerk, I really do, but actually I totally don't care. That party scene at the fake-prom this week, and the scene before it when he watched her in the school hallway with those big dark eyes of his... gah. Color me slain.

I just don't understand why we have to choose between Veronica and House. :(
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*bemused face* [09 Apr 2006|11:11am]
How has it been this long since I've been on LJ? Real life has been terribly... interesting. Not in a bad way, but in a wonderful, hectic, I never, EVER have time to be a geek anymore way. *shrugs* I'm still really into vidding, anyway. This whole week I've been working on a Tony video for 24, a kind of "R.I.P. Soul Patch" project. (What a sad death! No silent clock?!) I'm having mad trouble with it because I'm not really good with character studies. I feel a little more ambitious when I do one, as opposed to, say, a Pacey/Joey cheesefest, which is one of my favorite kind of vid to watch or make. There has to be more thought about parallels of motion and theme, more thought about pacing and structure, more use of the multiple layers of music (as opposed to "Can I make Pacey start to smile on this downbeat?" :) ).

I might start casting around for a beta. Only ... I really don't know people to ask, so I may not bother. I've been fairly reclusive since I stopped posting at TWoP and I wasn't very active there either. Haha. Anyway, it's just a thought. I'm posting basically to resurrect this journal, although I don't expect many people to read the above blathering since I am not on many active vidders' lists. *g*

Things I didn't post here when I made them:

My Yuletide 2005 assignment, How to Save the World. Odyssey 5, ensemble. Rating: R. Summary: "When all is over, we bequeath the world to its rightful death."

My last video, Look at My Life (wmv, 37 MB). (Also available at lower quality, 9 MB). Good Will Hunting, Will character study. Summary: "I'm a lot like you were."
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OMGyuletide, and some TV stuff. [14 Nov 2005|01:25pm]
[ mood | happy ]

OK I am beyond excited about my Yuletide assignment. I don't think I'll be able to start till November is over (my Nano is slightly behind schedule, in fact about 8000 words behind schedule) but yeah... I think I already had this fic in my head waiting for an audience. Yay.

Notes to my Secret SantaCollapse )

OK, just a couple random ramblings on TV, the stuff and substance of my life. Grey's Anatomy hasn't been grabbing me in the same way this season. I can't explain the difference, but it's edging a little too close to Ally McBeal for my tastes - even though that was my favorite show ever at the time, I'm not so into stuff like that anymore. Still, the relationship between Burke and Cristina, and the manifold slashy possibilities between Cristina and Meredith and Izzie, and even Izzie's tentative cutesy thing with Alex (I do so love a well-written asshole)... that stuff works for me, so I still watch.

When did The OC get good again? I loved the twist where Taylor is in love with Seth. Awesome. Julie Cooper is evil and delicious. My friends and I are in love with quoting Marissa's line about how "I'm in public school! College is the LAST thing on my mind," because yeah, sure, Marissa, public school kids never ever go to college. Whatever! *g* (Six of the seven of us, with myself as the one exception, went to public school and now they're all doing quite well in the Ivy League, thank you very much.)

And I just found out a good friend of mine from elementary school, who I lost touch with over the last few years, is in Commander in Chief! I can't believe I am not watching that show but I'm definitely going to download all the eps now. Woot.

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I'm alive... [30 Oct 2005|07:35pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

...and kicking. Sort of. I've been barely keeping up with TV, which is so sad. I think Gilmore Girls has had a few good moments this season - the scene where Rory told the priest that "the gift ship sailed quite awhile ago" comes to mind, and some of the stuff where Lorelai and Rory give each other longing glances - and Alias has been way, way uneven (shut UP, stupid weepy blonde not!Sydney, and bring Vaughn back!) - and Grey's Anatomy is meh except for my girl Cristina and, okay, fine, the Cristina/Burke stuff makes me kind of happy. But I am finding that if you actually take school seriously, which I wasn't doing last year at ALL, keeping up with that six-hour-a-week TV schedule can be HARD.

The other day I had lunch at my school's Faculty Club with some expository writing teachers. One wouldn't shut up about Desperate Housewives, and the two others were obsessive Lost watchers.

And there's like, what, 28 hours till National Novel Writing Month starts. I'm really excited about it, actually; I feel inspired, like I can do anything, even if it's maintaining my current pace of four reading-heavy courses, working out every morning from 7-8 (really!), AND write a novel in a month. Yay.

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TV and more TV [21 Sep 2005|06:24am]
[ mood | curious ]

So I totally cut out of last night's big sophomore activity in my new house early so that I could catch the last half of Gilmore Girls and the new House ep. Yay for taking advantage of my undergraduate educational opportunities.

Gilmore Girls 6x02 Fight FaceCollapse )

House MD 2x02 AutopsyCollapse )

My House/Veronica Mars buddy has been reading Veronica Mars spoilers and telling me which ones he's read without telling me what they are. Our basic conversations go like this:
Him: "I know whether Logan dies."
Me: "Does he? No, don't tell me. I don't want to know. OK, I wanna know. Is he dead? No, don't tell me." (etc.)
Him: "I know who's at the door."
Me: "OH MY GOD. It's Weevil isn't it? No, wait, they wouldn't be that obvious. I bet it's, like, Duncan. Is it Weevil? IS IT LOGAN? It's Logan. You smiled. No, don't tell me. Don't tell me. Wait, who is it?"


Conclusion: I need the new season to start IMMEDIATELY. And, yay, Lost tonight.

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The first reality show I've ever been interested in watching. [11 Sep 2005|09:44pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Once upon a time...

...when I was a really little kid, Amy Grant's "Every Heartbeat" was a big pop hit, and it was the first song in my life that I identified as one I liked and wanted to hear again. I got excited every time I happened to hear it (it was on the radio all the time, which was how I discovered it). I actually thought we had a tiny Amy Grant singing to us from inside the car radio and was extremely, privately puzzled as to how little Amy knew which car radio to get into before the moment when someone pressed "play" and she had to be ready to sing. I briefly theorized that maybe there were many little Amys, one in each car radio, but discarded this as highly insensible, since there's only one of each of us non-popstar types. The mystery seemed inscrutable, so I gave up on it and focused on what I did know, which was that I freaking LOVED that song.

And so, fifteen years passed. My mom bought me the cassette tape of Amy Grant's album Heart in Motion, I bought the CD to add to my new digital collection, I converted that collection to Winamp and my 30MB first-generation mp3 player, all those mp3s found their final resting place in iTunes and my beloved iPod, and somewhere in there I not only figured out how radios worked but became an mp3-blog aficionado who can cite self-consciously pretentious music tastes like the Arcade Fire and Antony & the Jonsons. But "Every Heartbeat" is still one of my favorite songs.

Now, I hate reality TV. I do. I've seen episodes or bits and pieces of many, ranging from the Apprentice to the Real World, Trading Spouses, Queer Eye, you name it, and I just can't get into them. It's not a deeply-held conviction, it's just... I like serialized fiction. I like to watch characters develop and relationships build. I like to get into it so much I start counting down the days of the week till I can continue watching the story. I like to finish an episode gasping, "Why didn't you KISS HIM!?" or "Oh my God, I can't wait to see how she gets out of this one" or "What the hell is your name if it's not Michael Vaughn?" You know, things like that. But Amy Grant is getting her own show. It's called "Three Wishes," and I guess she goes around... granting wishes. Or something. Anyway, I'm SO EXCITED. Seriously.

*skips off like the dork she is*

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The OC [09 Sep 2005|07:55am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

3x01: The AftermathCollapse )

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Pacey/Joey Vidlet: "You Move Me" [04 Sep 2005|10:02am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I've just posted a mini-music video to my website. In case the artist's name sounds familiar it's because she's a fairly well-known character actress - has played sister to Luke Danes and Susan Lewis, among other things - and a fairly obscure singer of cute little folk songs. I actually found her on womenfolk.net, one of my favorite mp3 blogs where I go to satisfy my hidden yen for folk music.

Title: You Move Me
Artist: Kathleen Wilhoite
Fandom: Dawson's Creek
Summary: {...each time, I learn something more...}
Download: HQ (avi, 28.5 MB); LQ (wmv, 7.9 MB)

notesCollapse )

I finished the first draft of the Good Will Hunting vid in THIRTY-SIX HOURS. It was fucken amazing. Of course then my computer died about ten minutes later (no joke!) and had to go be repaired, but I have it back and all is intact. Yum. I love my laptop so much, even though it hardly works and definitely doesn't have adequate video equipment. At least it's here. With me. *pets computer with creepy smile*

Just kidding. But I'm glad to have it back and jump back into the second draft of "Old Man."

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vidding blather that no one will be interested in... [30 Aug 2005|08:03am]
[ mood | pensive ]

hence the cut, to make reading optional.Collapse )

I also saw The Brothers Grimm and, Minor spoilers, but who cares?Collapse )

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Random recs [26 Aug 2005|10:58am]
[ mood | blah ]

I picked up an advance proof of Salman Rushdie's new novel Shalimar the Clown at the bookstore where I worked this summer and it's one of the most fucking amazing things I've read in a long timeCollapse )

And The 40-Year-Old Virgin (spoiler)...Collapse )

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Vid: "Tunnels" [09 Aug 2005|11:58am]
[ mood | finished ]

Title: Tunnels
Music: "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" by The Arcade Fire
Subject: Veronica Mars' Logan (and a generous helping of Veronica on the side)

Please right-click and save this to your hard disk. :)

I'll probably post in a few days with a couple of dumbass meta notes on vidding that I've been thinking about during my MONTHS of working on this vid (on-and-off).

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Freeversefic [15 Jul 2005|09:22pm]
I've simply lost the energy to write nowadays, so I ground this out over the last week and I have a terrible feeling that it sucks. Nevertheless. Feeling properly humbled and challenged, I give y'all: my freeverse fic.

Title: Or the Damaged
Author: ebstarr4 / Kristen
Fandom: House, MD
Characters: Cameron, House

Notes: If anyone knows Cameron's dead husband's real name... I didn't think he was given one, so I made it up, but I could be wrong.

Poetry snippet:
Booze and bright lights
and compassion.
The Eightfold Path of Perfection.
And nothing is like the stillness,
the quiet code of his hand

The night after Café Stiletto, Dr. Cameron had not slept at all.Collapse )
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Mr. & Mrs. Smith [12 Jul 2005|10:35am]
[ mood | tired ]

Yesterday I finally managed to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith (I have free passes that only get me into old movies, or I'd've seen Dark Water instead... and I can't afford an actual $10.00 movie while trying to pay rent and feed myself on the salary of a part-time retail worker!). The movie was actually really fun, mainly because everyone in it was pretty. The car chase scenes and most of the gunfights were definitely undistinguished, but I'm not gonna lie, the parts where fighting turned into foreplay were kinda hot, and the domestic stuff was amusing. Also, Adam Brody was in it, so that bumps it up a notch, and Cameron from House (what's the actress's name? Eh, I have no idea) had a bit part as well. My verdict: totally worth the subway fare.

Oh, and I can't wait to see Flightplan... I can't actually decide who I have a bigger crush on, Jodie Foster or Peter Sarsgaard. (Someday soon I really hope a movie will come out in theaters around here that's worth seeing for more than the hot actors...)

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